Welcome to Honda Asia & Oceania Careers

Our Fundamental Beliefs

The strength of the Honda Corporation comes from the Honda Philosophy which was created by the founder of Honda Motor,
Mr. Soichiro Honda.

Our commitment is built on two important Honda philosophies:

  • Respect for the Individual
  • The Three Joys

Respect for the Individual reflects Honda's belief in the unique capabilities of the human being. This fundamental respect defines the company's relationship with Honda associates, customers, dealers, business partners and society. Simply put, our motivation and main concern is people - to make a difference by doing what's right.

Honda also believes that every person involved in the process of buying, selling or creating our products should receive a sense of joy from the experience. Together, these Three Joys result in an overall joy of affiliation - a positive feeling resulting from a relationship with Honda. It is our desire that in every community in which we do business, society will want Honda to exist.


The Power of Dreams

The dreams of each and every one of us working together have always been the driving force of Honda.

We have different kinds of dreams, but by applying our original technologies, ideas and design, we take on challenges continuously to realise mobility that enables our customers to enjoy life with more freedom, more convenience and more fun.

The future mobility Honda dreams of will create a joy and freedom of mobility that enables people to transcend the constraints of time and place, and augment their every possibility.

Such mobility will become the “power” for people who are trying to advance toward their own dreams. Dreams that will move even more people, until there is an endless expanse of new dreams.

Through the creation of mobility we dream of, Honda will become “The Power of Dreams” of more and more people.

That is how we will move people and society forward.